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Why don't I have SSL?

My website is appearing at http instead of https. Why hasn't an SSL certificate been applied to my custom domain?

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There are a few possible reasons why your site is still appearing at http instead of https: 

You’re using a legacy system to connect your custom domain and you need to update your CNAME record within your domain's "Site" settings. If your subdomain is pointing to a record ending with, you will need to update it. 

2. You have insecure content on your site (check Site settings > Insecure content). You can avoid correcting these errors by checking your site then clicking "Upgrade to SSL" at the bottom of your screen, but we recommend clearing out the errors first. Learn more about how to fix them here.

3. You’ve connected your custom domain within the past week. We automatically apply SSL to all connected domains, but this process can take up to a week.  

If none of these apply to you, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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