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Unsubscribe Handling?

What's the best way to unsubscribe a person from the email list? Update the Person record and set an unsubscribed_at timestamp?

Can we receive a webhook when unsubscribes happen on your side? Or does person.updated already trigger for unsubscribes?

We're looking at propagating unsubscribes that happen on our system into NationBuilder. 


Official response from

Hi Nathan,

Using the API, the way of unsubscribing a person would be to change the email_opt_in value on a person resource to false, this would set the unsubscribed_at timestamp automatically to the time at which the change is pushed back to the profile in the nation.

Additionally, while there isn't a webhook for unsubscribes, the person_changed webhook will fire when someone's email preferences change in the nation.

I hope this helps,


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