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2018 in review

Out of chaos and rapid change, leaders in our community chose to organize, mobilize, and help each other. We’re proud to share their stories and insights about what it takes to lead.

In 2018, our customers...

  • Raised$401Min donations
  • Made11.7M1:1 contacts
  • Signed6.1Mpetitions

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Standout leaders

Thousands of organizations within our customer community created change in their cities, states, countries, and even impacted entire continents in 2018. While diverse in their goals, these nine leaders all found, engaged, organized, and equipped their supporters to accomplish unprecedented results—proving that with community, nothing is impossible.

A few highlights

People’s Vote

Spreading a powerful citizens’ movement throughout the UK

With record-breaking demonstrations and mass outreach to members of Parliament, a grassroots coalition continues to amplify the public demand for a People's Vote on Brexit and gain traction within the UK government.

Voters Not Politicians

Ending gerrymandering in Michigan with a volunteer-led team

A nonpartisan organization of volunteers rallied an army of Michiganders to campaign for Prop 2, a statewide ballot initiative to end gerrymandering, and won 61% of the vote.

Connecting South Florida citizens to protect beaches and waterways

An eco-concious Miami couple went from clearing marine debris in their spare time to running Miami-Dade County's go-to online event hub for beach cleanup projects.

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