Support Type: Billing

Issue: We have decided to close our NationBuilder account. May we have a refund for the months we paid in advance?

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Nation slug: lenoxucc
posted 2018-04-10 13:29:39 -0700
tagged Nicole Hamley's How do I create pop-ups boxes on a basic page? with Not helpful
posted 2017-11-08 11:57:55 -0800
tagged Alex Hamilton's Add date format option of DD/MM/YYYY with important to me
posted 2017-11-01 11:30:45 -0700
commented on Calculating total...
We also are sporadically seeing “calculating total,” which means there are no links to click past the first page of names

Taylor, your workarounds do work. Still, it seems this is a bug.
posted 2016-12-21 12:19:11 -0800
tagged Eric Demers' Giving the option to view an email online with important to me
posted 2016-12-07 18:18:55 -0800
commented on Form on Facebook Page to join Nationbuilder email list
For a small organization like ours, the cost of Action Sprout is prohibitive. It is discouraging that Nationbuilder does not have a basic tool like this included in its core functions.
posted 2016-12-07 15:09:31 -0800
tagged Joel Dignam's Allow batch updating of tags when viewing sets of supporters with important to me
posted 2016-11-28 11:35:51 -0800
commented on Log email contacts by copying any message to nation member
Taylor, this answer is confusing: "the bcc’ing will only work if you are writing from the specific external account that you are bcc’ing and using the email address in the bcc."

1) What is the definition of “specific external account”?
2) I have tried sending test emails with my in the bcc field. but I do not find that test email appear either in my account or in the contact log to which it was sent.

So I am still asking for help for our nation. How can we log an email interaction with the fewest possible steps?
posted 2017-01-09 12:04:32 -0800
commented on Email Signature
This would be helpful; it’s disappointing that the suggestion has been languishing for so long. Problem with a workaround like Text Expander include: a) it’s a work-around, which reduces the appeal of NB by adding extra steps; b) Text Expander adds more cost.
posted 2016-11-16 12:03:10 -0800
tagged Ben Kempas' Add signature to individual emails sent from dashboard with important to me
posted 2016-11-16 11:57:20 -0800
commented on Recurring Events
Agreed: cloned events do not fill the purpose of recurring events. Please add this functionality.
posted 2016-08-29 06:53:23 -0700
commented on Stop deceased contacts being added to call lists/walk lists
Furthermore, when the “deceased” box is checked the name of the deceased should not appear in the household view. It would be most helpful for NB to automatically remove the deceased from every list, and have his/her name appear in the relationship tab (e.g., Spouse of NN [deceased, date]). Any surviving family members would appropriately expect us to have that information at hand.
posted 2016-08-27 20:19:23 -0700