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commented on Joshua Brown for President 2040-For Democracy and Social Justice
Wow. I have moved MUCH farther left in three years since creating this page. I gave up trying to reform the Democratic Party and joined the Peace and Freedom Party. I no longer consider myself a Social Democrat and instead consider myself a Communist.

I consider social democracy and liberalism to be objectively the moderate wing of fascism because its anti-Communist.

I no longer see welfare as the way to go. I want workers to seize ownership of the means of production, dictatorship of the proletariat, democratic centralism, etc. The issue is U.S. imperialism, not private healthcare.
I no longer support the Affordable Care Act, since its a capitalist scheme to enrich healthcare CEO’s.
I no longer support the legalization of marijuana, because drugs are a capitalist consumption design to enrich the bourgeoise.
I lost the best girlfriend I’ve ever had to a girl, which made me drop to the floor and cry like a baby, so I no longer support LGBT and view it as bourgeoise.
I initially thought the biggest problem was the electoral college, then I thought the biggest problem was the Democratic primary being rigged against Bernie, then I saw that electoralism can get its ass fucked with a cactus. I will burn this entire capitalist, imperialist state to the ground. Stalin will look like a fucking aNARChist compared to me.

My new platform is this;
Stalin did nothing wrong,
-Holodomor is Nazi propaganda,
-Hong Kong protests are CIA,
-I have a Communist military uniform fetish,
-DPRK (N Korea) is a wonderful proletarian run socialist country of color,
-historical materialism is a science,
-I want a Communist one-party state,
-the state should mandate atheism,
-Mao is unfairly maligned,
-Assad did nothing wrong,
-CIA is posting on Reddit,
-I post hammer and sickle everywhere,
-you really should burn shit instead of voting,
-LGBT is bourgeoise,
-Black nationalism is based,
-Death to the settler-colonial “USA” and “Canada” and restore Communist Turtle Island,
-I want a united Communist world with a strong central state,
-I’ve read all kinds of books by these Comrades,
-Russia Today and China Global Television Network are great news sources,
-Lenin wasn’t purging enough,
-Only class matters,
-EuroFeudalism is a thing,
-I have a femdom fetish,
-I was once a diehard BernieBro but now I view him as a capitalist liberal Zionist cop-loving DNC sheepdog,
-Liberals and aNARChists are wrong
porn and prostitution is exploitative not liberating and should not be legalized,
Police in general aren’t a bad thing I just wanna replace them with a Red Army 2.0., Black and Indigenous Liberation Armies, Chavista-style militia’s, Chinese and DPRK-style police to protect the proletarian dictatorship, and an East German-style Stasi,
Casino’s are bourgeoise and exploitative and should be wiped off the face of the Earth, conspiracy theories are BS capitalism is not a trick nor a new world order secret movement nor is it run by George Soros,
-Social fascist theory (libs & socdem’s are objectively the moderate wing of fascism),
-I’m interested in raping fascist white women being insurrectionary and revolutionary,
-Throw out the capitalist monopolistic CIA mind controlling internet and bourgeoise fashion,
-I admire convicted murderers in the Black Panthers, the IRA, etc.
posted 2020-12-14 16:45:47 -0800
commented on Introduction
I favor abortion rights and gay marriage but I am pro gun control. I also want to save the Affordable Care Act and stop the Access Pipeline project.
posted 2017-03-30 19:49:46 -0700