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My event has both PRESENTERS and BOARD MEMBERS, and I'd like to display their public profiles differently. Board members have brief bios, for example; Presenters have longer bios, an abstract of their talk, maybe a [hand-added] link to sessions they are running. I'd like to show their profiles differently. Users will get there via two different directory pages ( /presenters and /staff ), so I could have their templates point to different pages. I created a profile card for my Board Members at {{ signup.profile_url }}., which by default looks at the profile at "profiles_show.html" Now I'd like to create a *different* profile for Presenters. Let's say I place it in "profile_presenter.html". How would I tell the system to point to a version of that URL for this particular presenter? I might imagine doing something like {{ signup.profile_url + "/presenter"}, but I don't know how to tell the system that it should use this modified view. -- As a very clunky alternative, I can look at the PERSON: { %if% profile.tags.contains "presenter" } { %else% } { %endif% } But that looks pretty messy too. (And it runs into problems if a board member ends up presenting.)

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You wouldn't be able to load this page using a modified URL as you suggested. Profiles can only be loaded via the standard URL.

Using tags to load different content is the best way to go. If you need a person to be both a Board Member and a Presenter, you would need to choose which tag should take precedence in their profile, or you could display your profile content for both tags on their page.

Alternatively, you could create two profiles for the same person, one with the Board Member tag and the other with the Presenter tag.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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