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commented on Limit the number of tickets a user can purchase
Andrew McLean offered this solution to the problem:

I’ll answer my own question. If you want to limit people to selecting a single ticket, then it’s probably better to use a checkbox as the input element.
For my application I wanted to have multiple ticket types, but only let the user choose one, I did that by adding a bit of JavaScript to the onclick attribute of the input tag. The way the code works is that if you click on the checkbox, any other inputs of class “ticket” are unchecked.

<div><strong><input type=“checkbox” class=“ticket” name=“event_ticket_level3” value=“1” onclick=“$(‘input.ticket’).not(this).prop(‘checked’, false)”> £10.00 Saturday and Sunday (Full Price)</strong></div>

<div><strong><input type=“checkbox” class=“ticket” name=“event_ticket_level2” value=“1” onclick=“$(‘input.ticket’).not(this).prop(‘checked’, false)”> £5.00 Sunday Only (Full Price)</strong></div>

<div><strong><input type=“checkbox” class=“ticket” name=“event_ticket_level1” value=“1” onclick=“$(‘input.ticket’).not(this).prop(‘checked’, false)”> £5.00 Saturday Only (Full Price)</strong></div>

Thanks for sharing, Andrew.
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