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You might be hearing my frustration, but you’re not hearing my problem. Nationbuilder allegedly has the capability to recognize when a Canadian user is using the text autoresponse prompts for name/email/address and send out the proper address autoresponse prompt (where “state” becomes “province” and “zip” becomes “postal” – although I note that that is also not working); all it would take is to make those two prompts bilingual English/French. Here, let me do that for you, even:

“Thanks for your text! Please reply with your email./Merci pour votre texte! Veuillez répondre avec votre courrier électronique.”

“Thank you for your text! Please reply with your address, city, province./Merci pour votre texte! Veuillez répondre avec votre adresse, ville, province.”

There! All translated and within 160-characters each! Now all you have to do is change the “Canadian” autoresponse prompts + fix Nationbuilder so it sends out the Canadian autoresponse prompts for Canadian customers like it is supposed to. Voila!
posted 2017-08-10 06:40:06 -0700
commented on Canadian text blast feature requests "zip" rather than "post code" from recipients
Lauren suggested I check this link: to see if a map of Canada was displayed. It was! But now when I text “join” or “hello,” I’m prompted for my name only – no further prompts for email or physical address.
posted 2017-08-04 06:19:21 -0700