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How to Track One Donation from Two Donors

How should I record donations that are made by two people? For example, we frequently receive donations from a couple (as indicated on the check). Sometimes these two people share a last name; sometimes, they do not. They usually share an address, so thanking them is not an issue. Our main concern is accurately recording the donation so that if we look up a donor, we will know how much that person donated.

Let's say John and Mary Smith send us a check for $100. Should I record $50 under each of their names? Or randomly pick one name, such as John, and attribute the full $100 to him? Or create my own identifying system, such as attributing $99.99 to John and $.01 to Mary (I would know by looking at the numbers that it must be combined with another donor's contribution)?

I want to have accurate records, so how do I record these checks?

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Hi Christa, 

I’d recommend creating an organization profile for the couple and recording their donations to that profile. Recording the total donation with one profile will be easier for you when it comes to financial reporting. So, for example, Jane and John Doe would have an organization profile connected to all of their donations. Then, you’d use relationships to connect their individual profiles with the organization profile. Maintaining their individual profiles is helpful for keeping information on when each individual takes an action in your community beyond donating. 

Here are some support resources with more information about organizations and relationships.

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