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Organising in Australia?

Im happy to help genuinely progressive and lefty organisations do the very best that they can! Flick me a message about organising, using NB in Australia, or just general heya's! 


commented on Where does the homepage widget get called?
HI team – I can’t seem to find where the actual homepage widget page is in the collective theme? Does that make sense? Id like to add some static content to the page but can’t seem to find it to edit the page. I thought maybe that’s what this question was getting at…any advice would ge GREATLY appreciated!
posted 2016-03-28 14:45:55 -0700
commented on Blog and Event Excerpts on Collective Stock Theme
Just wanted to mirror how difficult it is to figure out how to get the blog posts side by side as they are in the demo site. The issue seems to be that you can’t really access a singular page to deal with this (that I can tell) Its editing the homepage tag widget that needs editing, but I can’t quite get it. Has anyone else cracked this yet? It would be awesome to be able to seperate the different pages on the home page as well. You see it often in really nice themes out there…Thanks everyone!
posted 2016-03-20 00:23:27 -0700
commented on I deleted a blog but the posts are still showing up in the overall blog.
Is anyone else having trouble with the posts not showing up? We are using this function (which we have been for a while now, and really love) but for some reason some, not all, posts do not show up. The work around I have found to work is to uncheck the add all blog posts field, save, then re-check. Seems to re-set it and the post will show up. If ANYONE has any thoughts on what would be causing this I’d really love to hear back!!!
posted 2014-08-19 23:04:49 -0700
commented on How we can Add Blog Post according to Categories ?
The best option we have found for this is to use tags. Tagging a page actually creates a link to a blog type page that displays all the pages tagged with that tag. You can edit the way this page looks overall, but not individually. go to a page that you’ve tagged, click on that tag, you’ll see all the other issues with that tag. Its very very handy.
posted 2014-08-19 23:36:53 -0700
commented on What kind of apps do NB clients need but do not have yet?
better newsletter templates. Something like mail chimp would be amazing. Also the ability to store a file w/ someones record for office use would give us the ability to move completely to nation builder.
posted 2014-07-27 19:38:23 -0700
commented on How do I add a Google map to a page?
I’ve been dreaming of being able to use google custom maps within my NB maps for a while now. Is there any way that this could happen? If a map of a list could be opened by the advanced version of google maps, a walk route, and even public transport options to get to the area could be offered. It’d be the most amazing thing to give to a new vollie. Fool proof. It seems like we are already using google maps, its just a matter of signing up for advanced ones. I for one would be happy to pay for the upgrade on our end….If anyone has a work around I’d love to hear about that as well.
posted 2014-07-30 21:36:14 -0700