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Powerful donation platform for leaders

Anedot is the most trusted political and non-partisan donation platform in the United States and works seamlessly with NationBuilder to give you donors insights in realtime. Anedot empowers you with tools to raise more money including one click Instant Donations, customizable recurring options, post-donation upsells, donor recovery, and more. Anedot's DonorID Network allows any donor on the network to donate to you effortlessly with a single click. Don't lose another donor — get started with Anedot today!


4% + 30¢ (includes platform and payment processing)


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About the app

  • Beautiful donation forms optimized for conversions on every device.
  • One click donations, recurring donations, and upsells.
  • Capture all the data needed for compliance.
  • Sync donation data, tracking codes and more to your nation.
  • No third party merchant provider needed.
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