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Updated donation autoresponse email, batch update offerings, and fixed date filtering comparisons


[Website] We've revamped the donation autoresponse email template so the overall look of the receipt is much cleaner!


[People] Batch update now offers the ability to delete IDs. This includes: civicrm_id, county_file_id, datatrust_id, dw_id, external_id, nbec_guid, ngp_id, pf_strat_id, rnc_id, rnc_regid, salesforce_id, state_file_id, van_id. Please contact our support team at with the list of people you'd like to clear this data for. 


[All sections] We've fixed our filtering date comparisons as some customers were seeing strange behavior where, for example, a membership that started on a particular date would still show up in an after search for that same date. Basically, there was an overlap in the “occurs on X date” and “occurs after x date" (e.g. 12-25-2019 at 2AM is after 12-25-2019 00:00:00 UTC, so it would show up in a filter for “after Christmas” despite still being “on Christmas”). This is no longer the case! 

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