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Aristotle's Voter List Online

Aristotle's Voter List Online

Enriched voter data

Aristotle is the industry’s most trusted non-partisan data provider. Using VoterListsOnline, users can instantly access a highly customized voter list anytime, anywhere from a national voter, consumer and donor file that are enhanced with phones, emails, demographics and lifestyle information.


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Buck Stoll ·

About the app

  • Over 190 million U.S. voters from 3,100 counties and political data from 157 nations. Every voter record is checked for accuracy, as well as maintained to stay current. In addition to voter information provided by the election boards, such as, race, exact age, vote history, and school board district, Aristotle offers demographic fields and over 500 other attributes including hobbies, households and financial information.
  • Aristotle’s voter response system, VoterIQ, allows users to fully customize call lists and walk lists, geospatially organize walks and regions and turf cut, and easily integrates with NationBuilder.
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