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August Experts Roundup!

experts-ribbon-new-logo.pngWe added some insanely talented folks to the Expert directory this month. Congrats, everyone! 

Jose Iriarte has a background in international relations and recently joined forces with Tectonica. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and a conversational German, French, and Japanese speaker.

After more than a decade working with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, Joe Newlin founded, a nonprofit and advocacy consulting firm. He has led community engagement campaigns in the LA area and spent the early part of his career at consumer watchdog. 

Christopher Breene is a DC based progressive political activist ready to provide in-person services for customers across the east coast. For more info, check out Millenial Might.

Aj Valenzuela is a progressive campaign operative relatively well connected in Ventura and Santa Barbara politics. 

A former Republican party chairman, Tom Swatzel has a long history of issue advocacy work in NC. He is currently focused on issue campaigns, candidates, and media relations, and works exclusively with conservative causes and candidates. More info at Swatzel Strategies.

With a background in acting and real estate, Joel Doerfel is a great candidate for brands, businesses, and other groups looking to adopt NationBuilder.

Calum Handforth is a London-based expert focusing on international development, charities, and nonprofits. He has a masters degree in international development and most recently started work on Christian Wolmar's campaign for mayor of London.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein is eager to help medium sized campaigns and nonprofits – the sort of groups who are large enough to have staff, but may not be making the most use of their nation. Check out Spitzer-Rubenstein Strategies.

Francophone customers, rejoice! Lyne Robichaud is a social media and online presence consultant based in Quebec. She is fluent in both French and English.

Vanessa Byrem-Tangy is another great addition to the Expert + Architect firm, Mosaic Strategies – a full-service agency ideal for larger customers looking to carry out complex migrations. 

Marcy Rye and Katy McCreery are resident Experts at Wire Media, a local nonprofit and business consulting firm with an emphasis of socially responsible organizations. 

Johannes Fischer is a Tennessee-based part-time political operative and full-time student currently working on Jim Cooper's congressional campaign.

Jhanixi Arellano is a system engineer and our first Venezuelan Expert. She generally works with non-profits and other non-political clients through Kluge.

Lupe Chavez is an LA local eager to gain experience working directly with customers. View his work at Nation Launcher.

To view our entire list of certified NationBuilder Experts, check out the directory

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