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Here at NationBuilder, we get really excited about new sites launching on the platform. We email them to each other, tweet about them, take screen shots of their homepages and gush over how they keep getting better and better. 

This week my inbox was filled with links to beautiful, powerful new websites. Here's a look at a few of them. Idle_No_More.png

Idle No More, and their new campaign Sovereignty Summer, is a grassroots movement that calls on people to join in a peaceful revolution to honour Indigenous sovereignty and to protect land and water. Amy Leaman of NationBuilder Architects cStreet Campaigns, who built the website, had this to say about the effort: 

"Idle No More is the premier social change movement in Canada - and the world - right now. It's a movement lead by First Nations that's challenging neo-liberalism and fighting for the future of the planet. We're grateful to have had the opportunity to provide that offline reality a digital home."

Check out their press release for more on why Idle No More chose NationBuilderEnd_the_Age_of_Coal.png

This week, over 500 climate leaders from 135 countries are convening in Instanbul for the Global Power ShiftEnd the Age of Coal is an international movement that's using this event to catalyze a wave of climate activism beginning tomorrow, June 29th. Over 50 environmental organizations - including Greenpeace,, Avaaz, and the Sierra Club - are organizing events all over the world to demonstrate the power of this growing international movement. 

Their website was built by McMillan + Furlow, who recently became certified NationBuilder Architects. The_Solution_Revolution.png

Crowdfunding, ridesharing, impact investing - these are all trends in social problem solving that are happening outside of government. In their new book, The Solution Revolution, Authors William Eggers and Paul Macmillian explore how the public and private spheres are converging to form a new "Solution Economy."

Of course, another NationBuilder Architect, Kluge built the site for the book which will be released in September. You can preorder on the site now. 

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