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My name is Flore and I’m a Community Strategist in London. I help our political, corporate and non-profit customers reach their goals using NationBuilder. 

I have an ask to make to you today: will you step up to become an Expert?

I am calling on all our proficient users to join our Expert program, and help me grow our community in Europe. Read this post to find out more about what that means!


What are Experts?

On a day to day basis, I work with a variety of amazing people we call Experts. They are my alter egos inside organisations using NationBuilder.

They have skills in community organizing, digital strategies and communications, and putting those skills into practice substantially contributes to the success of NationBuilder’s users.



Meet one: Eve Zuckerman

"Becoming a NationBuilder expert has opened up major opportunities for me ever since I started. It was NationBuilder who put me in touch with the main center-right party in France to redo their whole infrastructure and strategy. And it was thanks to NationBuilder on my resume that I was recruited to lead digital operations for a major national Campaign in France."



Join our growing European Community

Today, more people are using NationBuilder in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and the United Kingdom than ever before, just to name a few. It’s very exciting to see the growth in these communities, and as we expand into new countries, we also want to expand our community of Experts.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.40.47.png

 Showcase your skills

Our customers often seek team members who have organizer mindsets, know how to use NationBuilder and who they know they can rely on to take charge of their digital infrastructure.

Being certified showcases that you know how to use NationBuilder strategically to implement effective digital and field engagement. 

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When you are a NationBuilder expert you become part of our ecosystem of partners, and are featured in our directory for our customers to choose from.  

 Why Become an Expert?

  • Work on fascinating campaigns and teams
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet a lot of amazing new people
  • Add it to your CV


Ready to apply now?

If you live in Europe and you have organizing experience or want to learn more, please get in touch, we’ll be happy to have you in our community. Apply to become a certified NationBuilder Expert here and send me an email at if you have ANY questions.


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