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NationBuilder user since 2017, certified expert since 2021.

Contact: [email protected]

I've been managing a large Nation since 2017, and have set up and helped run multiple other nations (for a not-for-profit organization, political candidates, and a political action committee).  After years of experience, I became a certified NationBuilder expert in 2021 and started taking clients. 

I'm familiar with all of NationBuilder's native functionality, and have an intuitive sense of what can and can't be done with the platform.  

I'm happy to help you with setting up a Nation; filtering and database segmentation (including auto-tagging); email blasts, list management, and email strategy; text blasts, management, and strategy; importing, exporting, and data cleanup; workflows and automations; setting up basic websites, with donation, signup, or other action pages; ActionButton; and probably anything else NationBuilder offers.  

I'm not a developer, so I'm limited when it comes to website customization and coding (although I can poke around a bit, and do some basic customization).