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Bootstrap is the most popular framework for developing responsive websites in the world. It's also the best documented. Not surprisingly, integrating it into NationBuilder has been one of the most frequent requests we've gotten from designers and developers alike. The ability to use a familiar framework on a platform that may be new to you provides a huge head start.

We're proud to announce that starting today, you can create new custom themes in NationBuilder using Bootstrap 3.

To get started, click Theme > New Custom Theme and select "Start with Bootstrap framework." Allow 5-6 minutes to finish (we're working on knocking that time down). We then recommend you use Theme Sync for Mac to edit your theme files, just like you would with any other NationBuilder theme.


Also, please bear with us as we work through some of the remaining items that need a little polish. If you have trouble locating certain files or notice anything buggy, feel free to shoot me a line via [email protected]


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