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NationBuilder product updates!

- Are you importing voter data? We made a small change when county_file_id is present in an import - both address state and county are now required. 

- Additionally, it makes sense that if someone moves, their voting district may change - now when you have auto-districting turned on, any partial or full deletion of an address will also remove districts

- The process of toggling between already created custom themes is a little clearer. This will be especially helpful if you are a NationBuilder architect or someone who really enjoys custom theming!

- In order to export data, users with the Finances permission set will now need to have the Export permission set enabled as well. 

- Looking for other exciting permission set news? You can now edit the name of an existing permission set.

- The button to add all petition signatures to a list hasn't been working - you brought it up in on our suggestion page and now it is fixed.

- This last one isn't complete but there's still an update - there were some difficulties embedding .pdfs and we have fixed links from - more to come on other services.

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