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A number of advocacy groups using NationBuilder represent the interests of broad coalitions, and are looking to work with partners and participate in movements much larger than themselves. So how to effectively track the ways that different coalition partners are contributing to your nation? 

This is where NationBuilder gets really exciting. 

A simple way to view how much traffic is coming from a particular source is by using Google Analytics. If the partner groups add ?utm_source=sourcenamehere to their links to your site, you will be able to see how much traffic came from that group.

So if 3dna was a partner group, a link might look like

You can then give coalition partners access to your Google Analytics account (it's easy to add additional users), and they can see how much traffic came from whatever utm_source names there are.

You can also track which signups came from another group linking to you. First, add them as a person in NationBuilder (People > New person). After you've added them, you'll see they have an id #. If their id was 30, you would tell them to add ?recruiter_id=30 at the end of their links to you. That would look like this:

Later, if you wanted to pull up a list of who was recruited by that person, you click People > Advanced search > Origin and choose them from the drop down menu. It's simple to export that list as well.

You can also choose to publicly share leaderboards based on how recruiters are aiding your nation. Check out this screencast on our "Political Capital" features.

(h/t to @slowdive for this simple explanation of some very powerful NationBuilder features)

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