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Social media offers all kinds of opportunities for expanding your organization’s reach. While maintaining an official presence on different platforms is a great first step in this process, engaging your supporters' networks will grow your nation faster.

By enlisting the help of your social media champions - the most active and influential communicators in your nation - you can quickly get the word out about important events and initiatives while building a powerful community of evangelists. 

Things to remember about generating support through social media:

  1. Social sharing is an important part of the engagement ladder: people who share an organization’s message online are more likely to donate and volunteer their time (more on that here).
  2. Creating a social media champions program can allow you to tap into the rich networks of your most influential supporters.
  3. Publishing compelling and visually interesting stories will encourage social sharing.
  4. Reporting the success of your social media campaigns will help supporters take ownership of your shared goals.
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