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Missing required match field


Probably a stupid question but I have a csv file of new people to add to my nation. I am trying to import them using people/import/one time. This csv file does not have emails or phone numbers (only names and street addresses). The import program won't let me import this without a "match field." I tried to add IDs manually to the csv file with ID#s above the current range, but then it complains that those IDs don't exist in the database. I have added lots of data before, but maybe not with only names and addresses.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to get the data in.


Thanks, Craig

Official response from

When importing data that doesn't already include a uniquely identifying piece of data — like an email address, phone number, etc. — you'll need to assign one to each record. But (as you've found) using IDs that aren't already present in the database will generate an error when you attempt to import.

The trick, then, is to map a blank column to Signup ID. This tells NationBuilder that it needs to assign each of these newly created records to the next available Signup ID in the database, and will allow you to import a list of people with only names and addresses without a hitch. 

For more information about how to perform bulletproof imports, check out our comprehensive (and cleverly titled!) documentation: How to import people into your nation

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