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Ian Patrick Hines

Ian Patrick Hines is the founder and CEO of Hines Digitalan award winning, internationally renowned, conservative digital agency that’s out to beat the left at their own game by out-hustling, out-organizing, and out-fundraising them.

From November 2012 – November 2013, Ian was a NationBuilder Tech Organizer, during which time he became one of the world’s foremost NationBuilder experts. He’s now helping campaigns and organizations get the most out of their nations as a certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect.

Prior to joining NationBuilder, he spent nine years in Maryland politics where he served in nearly every role from field organizer to communications director. In 2003, when online organizing was new and unproven, he managed the GenDean Blog — at just 17-years old — and his 2010 article on the potential impact of Square on political fundraising was featured on The New York Times' Bits Blog.

A fourth-generation Marylander, he currently lives in Severna Park, Maryland with his wife Christy and their three children: Oliver, Moira and Henry.


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