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You can create custom designed membership cards for your members and add information from their NationBuilder profile on the card. You can email the membership card using a custom email template to a member whenever he/she registers on your nation. You can also use Kapta for designing and printing visiting cards.

Kapta syncs with your nation. Once you've set up a membership type and a donation page type with a membership type attached to it, members can go through the process of signing up as a member on your website. Once they complete the action, the member's information syncs with Kapta and an auto-response email is generated along with an attachment that includes the members card.

How to take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Authenticate your nation with Kapta by filling the form on Kapta's homepage.


Step 2: Select the plan of your choice. You’ll receive an email with membership details after your membership is successfully activated.


Step 3: Start by selecting 'Manage Sites'. From here you can choose your nation site, whether only new members or members who are renewing will receive membership cards, and from which email the cards will be sent. After filling this page out, select 'Save' and navigate to 'Manage ID Cards'.


Step 4: Select the ‘Add ID Card’ button. You can select an existing template or create a custom template of your choice from scratch. Select 'Save' and navigate to 'Manage Emails'.


Step 5: Select 'Manage Emails' and click ’Add Email’. Write the text for your email. This is the email that will include the membership card. 


Step 6: Select ‘Manage Membership Plans’ and click ‘Add Membership Plans.' From here you can select your site, name the membership plan, and set the status. Please note that you must type in the membership name as it appears in your nation under Settings > Membership types. Once complete, select 'Save'


Step 7: Now you need to attach the Membership plan, email template and ID card to your site. Navigate to 'Manage Attachments' and select the site, ID card template, email template and membership level for this particular membership card. Select 'Submit' when you're done.


Step 8: You'll be prompted on the next page to send a test email to see how your finished card comes out. The cards will be sent as an attachment in the email you created in step 5 of this process. Once you've reviewed the email, you can go back to the 'Manage Attachments' page and select 'Finish'.

You can review Kapta's pricing information and more details about the integration by visiting our app directory.


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