Generating invoices for clients online has proven to be more efficient. Online invoicing saves you time and money, and reduces your chances of making errors.

In another life, I used to be a freelance graphic designer, and my world revolved around producing spreadsheets to keep track of my revenue - such a headache. If you’re a business owner, a freelancer, or anyone who deals with spreadsheets, you know exactly what I mean.

Thankfully, times have changed and NationBuilder allows you to take your online invoicing a step further with these latest updates:

  • Keep all invoice activity in one place.
  • Finalize one or multiple invoices to prevent your nation’s financial data from changing.
  • Say goodbye to voiding invoices, and say hello to refunding full and partial payments.
  • View the payment history of one specific invoice, view the invoice history of a customer, or view the invoice history of your entire nation.
  • Print PDFs listing the individual items and payments of an invoice.

To get started, detailed instructions on using invoices are available.

We are also tracking the feedback already received on this feature. The HOWTO includes a list of issues on our radar. You can follow each suggestion to track its progress. If you have additional ideas about expanding invoicing, please leave a suggestion.

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