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Personalized communication via smart fields, email toolbar updates, and more


[Communication] Smart fields make it easier than ever to personalize your emails! These fields use data from your NationBuilder database to dynamically populate text in your email content. Smart fields help personalize your message by crafting messages that feel 1:1, but can be created once and sent en masse. You can use smart fields to personalize the introduction to your blast, be specific in your fundraising ask by referencing the last amount someone donated or their year-to-date total, or send your supporters a personalized recruiter code to share with their networks


[Communication] Don’t see the button you’re looking for? We’ve moved the image, button, table, and horizontal line buttons on the email toolbar to a new menu, + Add!



[Communication] We also added a new pop-up menu for images and links which gives you single click editing right in your content editor. 💥


[Communication] We made a tiny update to the A/B email test results page. We removed some duplicate rows to make it easier to read!


[Settings] A small change has been made on the Billing > Phone numbers page that now requires you to enter the phone number exactly how its written to delete it. This includes any symbols, i.e. plus signs. 

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