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Leaders bring people together to accomplish things that, before their efforts, might have seemed impossible. They’re the people guiding the global movements that shape our world, the organizations tackling the biggest challenges of our generation, the everyday leaders serving their communities, and the companies and campaigns setting new records for supporter engagement and societal impact.

NationBuilder exists to support them. We create leadership software designed to serve those who take on and accomplish big things by powerfully engaging their communities. From individuals stepping into leadership for the first time, to the heads of whole political parties, international networks, Top 100 charities, and Fortune 500 companies, NationBuilder customers are setting the bar for what’s possible. 

We are proud to be a product-first company, driven by innovation, a bold vision, and a commitment to creating a product that reflects our decade of experience building the world’s most used software for advocacy and engagement.

In 2020, when people everywhere needed their communities most, our team stepped up to deliver over 1,000 new product improvements. We launched a complete automations suite, allowing for drip-based emails, triggered by custom lists or website actions. We released customizable rules for defining success as supporters exit automations. We launched an insights dashboard with comprehensive reporting and data analytics. We poured our decade of best practices into “tips”—in-product messages that control panel users can act on to amplify their impact. We unveiled our brand new email editor, with custom fonts, preview text, even faster load times, and a focus state experience including immersive full-browser editing. Our team improved the data import process, increasing processing speed by nearly 10x this year alone. And we achieved these milestones all while launching ongoing usability improvements, increased website responsiveness, and even more security enhancements to further protect the critical data of our customers around the world.

2021 is going to be even bigger. Our customers have always recognized the power of our integrated system, combining everything needed to lead—from a database, to a website, communication tools, donations and finances, and a robust ecosystem of apps. In 2021, our roadmap will deliver on the full promise of leadership software, with unprecedented actionable insights, tools to better distribute leadership across your organization, and even more powerful email communications and automations across the product.

The future requires all of us, leading as best we know how, to build the world we want to live in. Our software exists to ensure that when we each take that step into leadership, we can do it boldly—amplifying our impact, growing our communities, and achieving our goals for today and tomorrow.

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