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commented on #EverydayLeaders
1) Name of everyday leader: Sommer Woods

2) City where they reside: Detroit

3) Like all the articles that I linked to below imply, Sommer Woods—a first time volunteer for the Department of Elections—was tasked with overseeing logistics for the ballot counting happening in Detroit at the TCF Center. She was supposed to ensure that the right number of ballot watchers were there for each party, and that they were adhering to COVID protocol for number of folks in the building. But in the process, she was called on to protect democracy. When a group of angry supporters of a candidate descending on the location and tried to enter the building and “stop the count,” she stood between them and democracy—protecting the workers inside diligently ensuring that every vote was counted, and ensuring that no voter was disenfranchised. She is an incredible example of the heroes that emerged in 2020—unafraid and unswayed by the challenge of the day. And committed to seeing that our democracy and our basic right to vote (and have that vote counted) could withstand any partisan divide, and would be protected, no matter what.

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