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2022 was a big year at NationBuilder. We added extraordinary new people to our growing team—including Yvonne Baur, our Chief Product Officer. Less than a year after acquiring ActionButton, we made it free for everyone and exceeded our goal of 22 million actions in 2022. Our customers sent more communications to their communities than ever before. And in the face of incomprehensible tragedy and challenge, we saw leaders around the world stand up, rise up, organize, and help each other make it through. We are in awe of them.

In the face of democratic erosion, increasing political violence, polarization, and rising authoritarianism, people around the world are stepping up. Saying no to power over and yes to power with. Leaning into each other instead of away from one another. Building community where there was isolation. Helping each other heal.

And if we are indeed in the “last two minutes of democracy” as Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa has said, it is this work—these many, daily acts of practicing democracy—that will transform the outcome.

It’s the Primaire Populaire team telling their volunteers, “dare to speak to your friends.” It’s Every Library equipping advocates to protect funding for local libraries. It’s Lebanon’s National Bloc creating a “fully transparent, easy and smooth electoral process” for their online internal elections. It's the dozens of organizations across the U.S. challenging their communities and states to make elections more representative. It’s those who are rallying support and aid internationally for Ukraine. It’s your work. It’s your community’s work. We are honored to be a small part of it.

It’s been over ten years since the March 2012 announcement of NationBuilder’s Series A. A lot has changed over the past decade, for the world and for us. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to our mission. Getting the tools of leadership and organizing to millions of people around the world—helping to democratize democracy—is our daily work at NationBuilder. It’s why we’re so proud to not just be a profitable and growing company, but an independent one.

To our incredible partners and everyone who made that possible, thank you. And especially to our customers: we have learned so much from you over the last decade—most importantly, that democracy is a practice. A messy, muscular, beautiful, constant practice. Thank you for living it every day.


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