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Designing Narratives: A Storyteller’s Approach to Web Design

Alison Shuman, NationBuilder Alliance Partner, uplifts and magnifies the work that her clients are creating around the world, through web design. 

March 16, 2023
2 min read

Alison Shuman has been supporting and working in activism since she was a young woman. She participated in volunteering events throughout high school and college that got her active in her community. She fell in love with telling stories and making a difference, which led her to her first career as a photojournalist. This work took her all around America as she shared stories of documenting the Muslim-American experience in post-9/11 America, the LGBTQ community in Texas, and the first surviving generation of children born with HIV. 

While attending graduate school for photojournalism, Alison enrolled in a class on web design. This class was taken initially for the purpose of sharing her work that she would go on to pursue for 10 years. It was during that time that she found herself working on on web development on the side. She would share her work in photojournalism through enlightening webpages and multimedia presentations. It was only natural that she would go on to change careers into web development and has been working in partnership with NationBuilder ever since!

“I started as an [certified] Architect and went through the Expert classification and just built my business from the ground up with NationBuilder. Recently I was introduced to the Alliance program, so now I also manage my client’s nations. I joined to have a deeper connection with my clients and now I can help them with any problems that might come up and help them troubleshoot. My business has just grown!”

- Alison Shuman, Principle of Alison Shuman Media

Alison is passionate, not only about the work that she is doing, but also about the clients that she works for. She primarily works with nonprofits and progressive political candidates running for office. Alison shares that one of her favorite parts of supporting her clients is to dig through the years of passion and information that accumulates on websites, finding the hidden gems in the content, and bringing the organization’s mission to life. She has found that organizations can leverage her experience and passion for storytelling, along with NationBuilder’s all-in-one software, to initiate supporters to take action!

"With NationBuilder, having everything all in one place, where you can easily see what people are interested in, who has contacted you, who has retweeted something, who has signed up for something- and be able to drill down, make lists, make filters, send targeted emails. It’s just a powerful tool for nonprofits today.”

Alison Shuman, Principle of Alison Shuman Media

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NationBuilders works with partners like Alison Shuman to help agencies and consultants build and grow with NationBuilder at the center. There are an array of programs to help fit in with a partner's business, whether that's through reseller programs, referral and revenue share programs or becoming a certified NationBuilder professional in order to work directly with our customers. If you'd like to hear more about becoming a NationBuilder partner and what support and prices are available, please get in touch.

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