Support Type: Email deliverability

Issue: My site is saying I need to make changes to CNAME records for email deliverability but the Required values and current values are the same in the NB settings, domains, sites page. I have attached an image of the godaddy page.


Nation slug: efec
posted 2017-10-20 10:13:56 -0700
commented on Allow donors to allocate portions of donation to different funds
We need this as well
posted 2017-02-20 17:22:05 -0800
tagged Jeff Dunne's Ability to add more than 5 custom permission sets with important to me
posted 2017-02-20 17:16:14 -0800
commented on The pricing between the Leader and Organization tiers seems to be a steep jump
The software should not exist without custom permissions or at least far more robust permissions than are in the Leader plan. Holding an organization’s feet to the $$fire$$ in order to get permissions right is asking for trouble. There are better ways to upsell the platform than janking with security.
posted 2017-02-20 17:14:46 -0800
commented on Need organizer screen to manage tasks and track projects
Taylor, Trello works for me. I tried to get our team onto a Kanban type card system but failed. We ran the whole election by email which is really terrible. I think it really limited our ability to scale and involve more volunteers.
A prime issue that I look at with tech stack integrations is at what point do you have to pay to play, how much is that, and does it make sense at that point. Basically I hate per user licenses because it adds so much friction to scale.

My other problem with card based systems is that it seems difficult to set up project deadlines and dependencies. (graphics has to get done before mailer which needs to go out in 10 days) but perhaps I just don’t know Trello. Either way, some sort of method to do collaborative modern project management that is well integrated into NB would be awesome and it does not seem to make sense to author your own.

posted 2016-12-13 14:34:51 -0800
commented on opting out of one contact method should not turn someone automatically into a nonsupporter
Wow, I have to check some contacts. I was texting my best volunteers during the election. Some of them said “stop”. It would be terrible if they were no longer marked as supporters. Is it possible to add someone to a path when the opt out of a communication method? That way it at least indicates a need for intervention.
posted 2016-11-16 16:08:08 -0800
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posted 2016-11-10 08:51:26 -0800
tagged Brian Palmer's Allow users to access unpaginated arrays when developing websites on NationBuilder with important to me
posted 2016-11-02 07:50:43 -0700
commented on Send autoresponse email off of email gather from text keywords
I think this can be generalized a bit. There desperately needs to be some contact automation in NB. The autoresponder part of the web is OK but pretty limiting. I would suggest making paths a central part of an automation or autoresponder workflow. Basically an email or other outgoing can be sent automatically as part of a path flow rather than having to have a person move that contact along a path manually. As a next step, you could have NB recognize that contacts have engaged with the nation and act upon that information to move people along a path. This would be enable the OP to do what they want but would do it in a more robust way.
posted 2016-10-27 10:23:44 -0700
commented on Geocoding issues related to app integration and address import problems
Thank you very much for your hard work on this bug. It seems like there were multiple routes that caused the data to get mangled. It seems your solution is robust. Much appreciated as it is always difficult to explain to volunteers why their home is locating in the middle of Iowa.
posted 2016-12-15 07:29:26 -0800
commented on Expand batch update tool
LIke in most NB screens there needs to be a “simple” mode and a “more” or “advanced” In the advanced mode you need access to just about every field in the database.

You also need to be able to do a lot more with batch update. In particular if NB is going to continue with lists (which is another post! ) you need to be able to batch update your lists on a schedule. Eg every night you update your vote no list from a filter rule or keep your canvas list up to date by pulling off people who have pledged yes etc. Being able to to create automation and schedule batch updates would be a much better upsell to the next plan up ($$) and should replace the current limitations on permissions.
posted 2016-10-13 09:55:08 -0700
tagged Taylor Pineiro's Allow ability to change the name of a permission set with important to me
posted 2016-10-12 21:55:31 -0700