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"Read More" button missing from Blog Posts

Hi Friends, Thanks again for the quick responses to questions! I was just taking a look at our blog page and noticed that our "Read More" buttons no longer appear for articles with after the flip sections. The blog page can be found here: Any idea how to fix this? Best, Matt

Official response from

Hi Matthew --

That's a great question.

It appears that you're using our Civitas theme, which actually does not render a "read more" button for extended posts. Instead, Civitas truncates all blog posts to 30-words by default. To read the full post, visitors would click on the post's title.

If you'd like to modify the theme to include a "read more" button, you could create a custom theme with including code along these lines:

{% if post.blog_post.is_extended? %}
<span class="read-more"><a href="{{ post.url }}">Read more</a></span>
{% endif %}

-- Ian

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