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Our Engineering team is in the process of removing staging locations - for more information on what this means for your nation please read on. 


cat_bounce.gifWhile improving the NationBuilder platform the Engineering Team can come across a feature not serving the community to its fullest potential. When this happens we have a few options:

  • devise and execute a plan with the Product Team to enhance the feature
  • leave the feature as-is with future improvements included as part of a larger project
  • or sunset the feature.

For Staging Locations we have decided to sunset the feature. The usage rate for the Staging Location feature is exceptionally low. The creation rate is approximately one percent of customers and the utilization rate is lower at a quarter of a percent.

Additionally the Staging Locations feature is not developed to its fullest potential. The Staging Location feature does not have an API endpoint, cannot be added to an event RSVP via the API and does not have liquid variables. 

Here's what that means for you:

  • Feb. 1: We removed the ability to create new Staging Locations
  • Feb. 28: We will remove visibility of the Staging Location feature from a nation's Control Panel

For folks who would like an alternative workflow for Staging Locations: create an additional unpublished event for each staging location for a main event. Disable email autoresponses for the event and add an RSVP for each person you’d like to stage before the main event.

You can capture the existing data through a snapshot ( or request it from a NationBuilder by emailing us at

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