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In the lead up to election day, campaign field offices are susceptible to an all-too-common syndrome known as DEWD - Data Entry While Drunk. DEWD can result in bad data quality, high error rates, and in some cases, 50% minus 1 on election day. :(

You can prevent DEWD by using the new NationBuilder scannable walk+call sheets. It ensures painless and accurate data capture, works with nearly every scanner, and doesn’t require you to find tablets with wireless connections for all your volunteers.

Watch how it works in this fun video from our Product Manager, Jason Meer.

We are releasing scannable sheets in beta immediately, and would love your feedback. Note that walk and call sheets can be tied directly to surveys – which can assign point people, trigger followups, and tag supporters based on survey results. That means your entire workflow can be automated off a piece of paper. Check out the HOWTO for more details.

Kicking back after a long day in the field is a time-honored campaign tradition, but don’t be that DEWD. Let the computers tabulate your canvasses and phone banks for you.

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