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Add more functionality to the Paths API

While there is now an official Paths API, it only includes an Index endpoint to view which Paths have been setup in the Nation.

It would be great to see the Paths API be expanded to include the useful functionality that Paths provide via the GUI such as:

  • View a list of people on a Step/Path
  • View the Steps/Paths an individual person is on
  • Add someone to a Path (without logging contact, and with a value & expected completion date)
  • Move someone to a different Step of a Path
  • Assign Steps/Paths to a CP user

Adding this functionality would allow Paths to be integrated into other apps and systems and allow people to create programatic workflows with Paths.


Great! Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions on this one. 

I've let the API team know - and will keep sharing your ideas! Please check our Paths API documentation for updates. 

In the meantime please add any notes below. 

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