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tagged FieldEdge's Add more functionality to the Paths API with important to me
posted 2018-08-13 05:33:58 -0700
commented on Email blast Newsletter repository/view in browser
This issue was surfaced again by a custom who finds this feature very important and is finding themselves using the manual workaround above each time they send an email blast. It would be awesome if we could create a publicly viewable version of and wrap that URL up into a liquid drop that could then be put into an email blast. Bonus points if that publicly viewable page could also place liquid for “{ assign recipient = request.current_signup }” at the top so that any liquid in the blast works correctly for the person viewing it.
posted 2018-04-17 12:19:01 -0700
tagged Jeff Dunne's Add "is not between" option to transaction date filters with important to me
posted 2017-10-20 14:35:09 -0700
commented on Cannot clone theme
Brian from NationBuilder here! In case someone else runs into this issue and finds this page, it is worth noting that Austin and I were able to come up with a few workarounds for this. My account of the issue (along with our solutions) have been pasted below by Taylor, but essentially, the workaround is to identify the file that is not being copied over during the theme clone (usually the theme.scss file) and then either:

A) Remove the problematic parts of the problem file before the theme clone and paste them back in after the clone. STEPS:

1. Cut almost all of the contents out of that file, storing it on your clipboard and making sure to leave at least something in the file so that it technically has contents.

2. Cone the theme and wait for it to finish.

3. Paste the contents that you cut out of the problem file back into that file. This ensures that the file will clone successfully because it does not contain undefined variables when it is cloned.
OR -

B) Manually clone the theme by downloading it and then uploading the files (in the correct order) to a new theme. STEPS:

1. Use the “Download” button to download the theme as a .zip file. Unzip the file so you have a folder of all of your theme files.

2. Create a new custom theme and wait for it to finish being created (usually takes a few minutes).

3. Drag and drop the files that you downloaded from the original theme into the “Files” tab of this new blank theme, making sure to upload the problem file (e.g. theme.scss) last. If you are using dropbox, you would need to upload these files to the new theme using dropbox instead of drag-n-drop in the control panel.

If you need help identifying the ‘problem file’ or the part of that file that is a problem, I recommend loading a live site with that theme applied and view the HTML source of the live site. Clicking on the link to the theme.scss file should show you an error message that will clue you into why it could not be created.
posted 2017-10-03 13:03:40 -0700
responded to Parent pages are showing up in their dropdown menus in the mobile nav with completed
posted 2017-09-21 08:43:33 -0700