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A bold website design is an integral ingredient for leaders to be successful in their digital campaign. It’s the vehicle for effectively telling a story, capturing the interest of its supporters and broadcasting it to as many humans as possible.

However, not every leader has the capacity to pursue a custom website theme. A made-to-order design can take weeks to produce and cost thousands of dollars in the process. Although necessary for many organizations, this reality can prohibit causes from launching fast and generating the critical mass of volunteers or donations needed early on. 

Enter NationBuilder's theme marketplace. Launched in early 2019, the marketplace was born of our customers’ desire for more options beyond the nine stock themes we provide as part of our standard product offering. Not only did they want more options; they wanted options that were gorgeous, affordable and easy-to-install as well. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why leaders can benefit with a theme from the marketplace:

It saves time.
NationBuilder is about speed. Leaders need to leverage momentum as it occurs, with tools to quickly collect donations, volunteers and petition signatures - all wrapped in a beautiful design that inspires action. Themes in the marketplace can be purchased, delivered and launched on your nation in less than a day. 

It won’t break your budget.
You won’t find a marketplace theme for more than $1,000 - quite a bargain if you’ve ever received a custom proposal from a web designer. However, it’s not just about small budgets. A well-designed, focused call to action can often be the name of the game with campaigns on short cycles.

It satisfies requirements.
Just as NationBuilder is about speed, it’s also about precision. Not every campaign is dependent on 20+ page types to serve its supporters. Sometimes all you need is a tried and tested landing page to stimulate a movement, and use that as a hook for continued attention. 

Grassroots organizing efforts cultivate success by being exceptional at the basics. 

It gives you greater variability.
Whether you’re working with  a robust theme or a single-action landing page, iterating on your digital engagement is a necessity. In the land of software, we call that modularity—the ability to add elements to your website that allow for greater, more diverse opportunities to get involved. 

Not only does the theme marketplace provide more choice; these themes are meant to grow with your cause. Just take a look at how the Candidate theme uses page tags to construct elements on a page in a matter of clicks. 

It comes with support.
Themes in the marketplace are supported by the very certified Architects that crafted them. Each theme comes with comprehensive documentation, as well as help from the developer should you need it.

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