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{{ here | json }}

A localization object we can edit, add, and delete somewhere in the nation control panel interface for all hardcoded strings.  This might look like : {{ language.byline }} {{ language.what }} {{ language.where }}


commented on Referencing Uploaded Files
Uploading a file to the root theme directory and then referencing the filename as a src or href seems to work for me. I added a new stylesheet and script using uploaded css and js files. <code></code>

Here are the docs :
posted 2014-08-12 23:22:45 -0700
commented on activity
Now that we are upgraded to the latest liquid version , we have the incredible {{ | json }} filter ! The following should unpack the data var you are working with , and even allow easy passing to javascript.
    {% for activity in request.current_signup.activities %}
      {{ | json }}
posted 2014-08-15 02:21:51 -0700
commented on Default a checkbox to off?
NB’s official “best practices” are unpublished and unpredictable. Copy the raw html from the page source and use that instead of liquid. This will allow you to determine the initial state using the “checked” attribute.
posted 2014-08-26 22:30:15 -0700
commented on Liquid: Get current year
The Aware theme and possibly others load jQuery UI by default, which also includes a date utility function.
&lt;span class="now"&gt;&lt;/span&gt;
 $(".now").html($.datepicker.formatDate('dd M yy', new Date())); 

Would place “13 Apr 2014” inside the span element. The datepicker widget also has the ability to display in different languages using $.datepicker.regional[ “fr” ]
posted 2014-04-13 11:59:00 -0700
commented on site
The above for broadcaster should points to when it should point to . Arya Iranpour pointed this out 3 months ago, below.
posted 2014-08-19 00:32:16 -0700
commented on Theme API to Support Easy Theme Creation / Updates
Yes please, this is a serious roadblock to me developing effectively on nation builder.
posted 2014-02-18 15:08:52 -0800
commented on Tags not transferring to embedded signup form signups
Without the liquid, second try:
input id="page_id" name="page_id" type="hidden" value="{{ }}" /&amp;gt;
posted 2014-07-24 21:44:48 -0700
commented on Event radius defaults
@andres Lots of things could be wrong, but it’s hard to help when you share nothing for us to look at. This code works on the Aware theme, which many custom themes are based on. However, if the jquery selector “div.distance” does not return a list of the radio buttons, then the js code won’t work.

You may have better luck using a liquid filter, like this
posted 2014-09-14 14:08:05 -0700
commented on page_tag
Tag clouds are so 2006.
posted 2014-06-24 17:44:45 -0700