How do I use the old turf cutting tool?

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Turf cutting describes using a mapping tool to select people. This is used for canvassing donors and planning locations for in-person events. 

Map view is available in the people section of your control panel and allows you to view people on a map. Anytime you are looking at people in map view, you can use the turf cutting tool. This means that you can sort people by tags, filters, or lists and then turf cut them onto manageable lists.

In a list, from XX people, select Map view. In the people section, select the map icon.


Note: these instructions describe the old turf cutting tool. Learn how to use the new map view and turf cut.

How to turf cut


  1. For a large group of people, you may want to zoom in on the map to create cleaner boundaries for your turf
  2. In map view, click on the turf cut tool in the top right
    • when you hover over the map, your cursor will now look like a cross
  3. Click your mouse once to create the beginning point of the turf
  4. Continue clicking to create the boundaries of your turf - it can be any shape that makes sense for your needs
  5. Link your last boundary to your starting point to finalize the cut
    • you can include up to nine boundary points in a cut
    • this section of the map will be highlighted by a color
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until your entire map is turf cut
  7. Save your turf cuts as new lists
    • click within the highlight section and a popup will appear
    • the number of people selected will be indicated
    • name the list and hit tab or enter
    • the list slug will auto-populate based on the name, but can be updated
    • if you plan to print walk sheets, choose to sort by street address
    • If you're assigning a person to this turf, you'll want to share the list with that person (make sure she has control panel access)
  8. Turf cuts are not saved until you create a new list, so remember to complete your turf cutting before moving to any other area of the control panel

Turf cutting is limited to 10,000 addresses per list. 

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