We released changes today that make it easier to append information to the right voters in your database via import.

As we get closer to the US elections, many of our political customers are getting files with early vote and absentee information from election officials that they want to import into their nation. Often, the unique identifier for these voters is set by the state or county.

When creating or updating voters in your nation with either a state file ID or county file ID, you are now required to map to certain registered address fields (state for state file ID and both state and county for county file ID). A voter's registered address determines where and for whom they vote.

When updating voters, these address fields are necessary to match to the appropriate person in the nation, especially when there are voters from multiple states or counties that share the same IDs (e.g. a Colorado voter with a state file ID of 1002 and a Nevada voter with a state file ID of 1002).

This requirement wasn't enforced on previous imports, so many customers have imported voter addresses as something other than registered. If you are running into this issue, please email help@nationbuilder.com so we can help you get things sorted out.

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