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This is a ridiculous bug with horrific consequences for any organisation that encounters it. It must be fixed ASAP.
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I believe an import was responsible in at least one case, Katy.
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Support Type: Other

Issue: Hi,

I’ve created a webhook via the API for donation_succeeded events, but they don’t seem to be firing.

The Webhooks Index endpoint shows:


“results”: [


“id”: “58e657213f699104b2000000”,

“version”: 4,

“url”: “”">",

“event”: “donation_succeeded”



“next”: null,

“prev”: null


But a donation I made as a test just now never resulted in the webhook being fired:

Can you please have a look?


Nation slug: southbrisbanegreens
posted 2017-04-06 17:07:52 -0700
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