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API and GUI validation inconsistencies

There appears to be inconsistencies between what is required/validated via the GUI, and what is required/validated via the API.

For example, via the GUI you can create and edit an event that has no location. However, trying to edit one of these events via the API will produce a validation error, as location is required.

This results in needing to add code such as this to all my event editing script:

contact = event["contact"]
contact["name"] = "Default Contact Name" if contact["name"].nil? || contact["name"].empty?
contact["email"] = "[email protected]" if contact["email"].nil? || contact["email"].empty?
if !event["venue"].nil? && !event["venue"]["address"].nil?

address = event["venue"]["address"]
  address["city"] = "Unknown" if address["city"].nil? || address["city"].empty?

Official response from


I attempted to replicate this issue in my sandbox and didn't encounter the error you described. To test I created an event using the UI without including a location. I then hit the PUT endpoint to update the event with new page tags and contact info and returned a 200 response code.  

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