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Stop deceased contacts being added to call lists/walk lists

Originally submitted July 12, 2014

Right now, unless you specifically state "not deceased" in your filter criteria, your list will include deceased records. This leads to volunteers calling or door knocking deceased people, which can be distressing to their family members and the volunteer in question.

I'd like to suggest that deceased records are no longer "callable"/"mailable" at the very least.


This is complete! Deceased now has the same function as 'do not contact, period' and they will not be added to call lists, walk lists, text lists, email lists etc. 

Work is in progress on fixing this, we'll update when it's completed.


This isn't something that we have planned - but I'd suggest adding criteria 'is not deceased' to your walklist filter if it is something that is causing an issue. (I feel sort of terrible writing that - but it's the same process as any filter criteria you want to exclude) 

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