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commented on Fix Garbled Link Reporting in Email Blasts
We are having the same problem. When is a solution expected? We believe this is affecting email deliverability and is an extremely urgent problem for an active campaign.
posted 2018-09-02 08:37:16 -0700
commented on Add name fields for optional guests to events
I would also like to add my request for an implementation on NationBuilder’s side to easily allow names of guests to be added while RSVP’ing to an event. While it would be nice to have this linked to a profile, we simply need the names for our event handlers at the door. Also, we really shouldn’t have to hire an Architect to do this, the NationBuilder backend does know how many guests each ticket reserves (this is input when setting up the ticket level) – so can we get this implemented please – I note it’s something that has been requested many times since 2013.
posted 2018-02-19 11:12:23 -0800
commented on Choosing to lead
I am totally shocked and disgusted by the partisan hand-wringing that has gone on in this comment section.

I have utilized Nationbuilder for both Republican and Democrat campaigns, and am more than elated that the service and it’s leadership team have not taken the tool over to partisan purposes as so many of you suggest they do.

If you all want that – you certainly have NGP VAN to use to your hearts desires.

Nationbuilder will only grow as a result of the effort to reach out to campaigns, advocacy groups and organizations of all stripes.

That is what I call a true Rainbow Coalition.

John Incantalupo
posted 2016-12-10 16:08:53 -0800
commented on Victory theme top nav button resizing?
This worked for me! Thanks for the help!
posted 2014-03-12 17:52:01 -0700