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Taylor Pineiro here, maybe you’ve heard from me before? I email a lot — and I’m all over our Facebook Group. I'm excited to announce something new I've been working on, NationBuilder Live

I’m a Customer Engagement Manager, and while I’ve worn many hats here — from 1:1 organizing and running the support team, to managing all of your suggestions as part of our product team — my focus now is ensuring that you and your team know how to use NationBuilder to its fullest.  

What does that mean? Well, I’m glad you use NationBuilder, but I also know NationBuilder is vast and there are a million ways to use it. Frankly, it can be intimidating.Screen_Shot_2018-01-29_at_3.43.37_PM.png

few months ago I was talking with our VP of Product, Ben Handzo, and I told him I wished I could just call everyone and talk them through NationBuilder, and that I’m pretty sure most people could be successful if I did. Obviously, I can’t do that — for starters, I don’t even have a phone at my desk.

What I can do is be available every weekday at 10am Pacific Time for a live online workshop! So, join me for NationBuilder Live — every single weekday. I’ll be joined each day by a member of one of our other teams. We’ll have guest hosts from our support, engineering, sales, product, and organizing teams (I quite literally invited everyone that works here to co-host). NationBuilder Live is free to attend and available to everyone. 

We’ll go through a different part of the control panel each day and answer any questions you have live. You’ll hear directly from the people who use and build NationBuilder every day about how we make it work for us (because we use NationBuilder to run NationBuilder).

Mondays - The Control Panel

Tuesdays - The People Section

Wednesdays - Communication

Thursdays - Finances & Website

Fridays - Paths & Goals

Seriously. Every day. Pop in and say hello — just RSVP to get the link — we’ll be here!  


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