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How can I make a page jump?

Like when you click on a link, it would scroll down to a specific part of the page. Like in this ( page where when you click "Paths: engagement workflows" it would go to that part in the page.

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It sounds like what you're looking to create is called an "anchor tag." The two components of setting this up are the target text and the link. When the link is clicked, your user will jump down to the target text. 

1. The link:

The easiest way to create the link is by using the hyperlink tool in your WYSIWYG editor, and entering '#target_name' as the Link URL. For example, I've set "#jump" as the Link URL for this word: anchor

2. The target text:

To create the target location, you'll need to open the HTML source code tool and add <a name="target_name"></a> wherever you'd like your users to land.

In this example, I've added <a name="jump></a> after the words "land here!" in the text below. So, when you click on the link "anchor" above, you should be sent to "land here!"






If you click on "anchor," you should land here!

In the HTML source code editor, the sentence above looks like this: 

<p>If you click on "anchor," you should land here!<a name="jump"></a></p>


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