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commented on #EverydayLeaders
I nominate Noor Chahal from Punjab, India. In the middle of the largest protest in human history, Noor left home to volunteer and support the protestors. Noor is currently on the ground with Initiators of Change. This organization is working to transform India by creating leaders from a young age. They’ve distributed medicine, blankets, and feminine care products to protestors. Noor and her friends keep spirits high, and shape the culture with their songs of protest, inclusivity, and attitude. Noor is a leader through action, and art.
posted 2020-12-15 14:51:24 -0800
commented on seo for nationbuilder
Hi Jen! Daniel’s tips are great! Here’s some more information on SEO tips and tricks and how you’d implement them in NationBuilder.

Another video to help with your SEO is

I would highly recommend doing a few of these and you should see it in the Google Search.
posted 2014-05-16 13:18:31 -0700
commented on Blog post dates
Hi Jamie, this is possible! Your blog post will show whatever date is filled in the following field (blog post -> settings -> published date). Just as I can see that you’ve posted your question on May 29, 2014.
posted 2014-05-29 14:14:29 -0700
commented on How do I edit button graphics in the Victory theme?
Hi Imran, I’m your point at NationBuilder. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to edit the template with the new images. Since we don’t provide support for customization, I would recommend speaking with one of our NationBuilder Certified Architects – they’ll be able to help you out. Take a look at our available Architects and let me know if you’d like me to help facilitate that conversation.
posted 2014-03-13 09:57:08 -0700
commented on Where is a list of all the NationBuilder code?
Hi Ryan – take a look at this page for documentation on creating a custom theme. Here you’ll find liquid template examples to help you along.
posted 2014-04-17 15:07:30 -0700
commented on Can I remove the "Created with NationBuilder" link in the footer of my site?
Hi Alan, this is still a part of our terms of service. No customers are given special approval to remove “Created with NationBuilder”. If customers have removed it, they are asked to add it back.
posted 2014-05-16 13:53:15 -0700
commented on Petition Meter
Hi Randy, sometimes there can be a slight lag when updating petition signatures. Can you email me the links to the petitions you have issues with? Thanks! [email protected]
posted 2014-02-20 10:41:00 -0800