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Warning! This video will warm your heart and brighten your day.

The best part about working at NationBuilder is the inspiring people I get to meet. I was at the Independent Sector Conference in San Francisco this weekend and one of the highlights was getting to talk to Deborah Szekely, a leader and legend in the health and fitness world. As soon as I met Deborah I knew I needed to share her story with the NationBuilder community. 

Today, at age 90, Deborah feels with a sense of urgency that something needs to be done to bring the issue of health to the forefront of our national politics. I have met few people in my life with as much energy and determination to get things done and make a positive impact. She's using NationBuilder to build a lobby for wellness that she hopes people will fear as much as the NRA and that "has every bit as strong an impact." She has a clear and ambitious goal, 1 million "Wellness Warriors" giving $10 a year to send a strong message to Washington.  

It was by chance that I learned about Deborah and the great work she's doing. On Saturday I met Sonja Campion who runs the Campion Foundation in Seattle. The next morning, Sonya was recommending NationBuilder to Deborah and it turned out she was already using it. Her website for Wellness Warriors was designed by EchoDitto, one of our NationBuilder Architects

Deborah has lived a life of service and great accomplishment. During World War II, she and her Hungarian husband fled to Mexico as war refugees where they started Rancho La Puerta, the first destination health and fitness spa in the world. In addition to being considered one of the founders of the modern health and fitness movement, Deborah also served as president and CEO of the Inter-American Foundation in Washington, D.C., and started several non-profit organizations focused on health and the environment. 

Watch my interview with Deborah to hear about how she's using NationBuilder to build the Wellness Warriors nation.

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