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The shocking events of 2016 have made one thing clear: we are now living in a new era. An era in which the most dramatic changes and ideological battles in generations are being fought on the internet, in real-time. The opportunity for designers to play a critical role in furthering causes or campaigns that define our future abound. The internet platform where the most diverse array of leaders are organizing to achieve their vision of the future—from local nonprofits to presidential campaigns—is NationBuilder.

The past couple of months have weighed heavily on us emotionally. The energy fueling our fear, anger or frustration should not be spent merely on social media posts that most of the time only preach to the choir. As designers, we are one of the most valuable assets to causes seeking to enact change. The diverse pool of passionate leaders using NationBuilder need your experience and expertise to collaborate on strategy and to craft that strategy into a user experience and visual language that results in a winning campaign.

Michael Bierut put it nicely when he said:

"Design is inherently an optimistic enterprise, a way of expressing confidence in the face of challenges, no matter how bleak."

We need to face the challenges ahead directly, not agonize about the past. We have the opportunity to use our craft to play an important role in shaping a brighter future.

Thousands of nonprofits, advocacy organizations and political campaigns need your help. There’s no time to waste, here are some ways to get started right away:

Your's truly,

The NationBuilder Design Team
Jesse, Andrew, Brian and Eric

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