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NationBuilder offline canvassing tool by Liberal ArtLiberal Art, one of our recently certified NationBuilder Architects, has launched a first-of-its-kind tool for crediting supporters for offline signature collection. The tool allows canvassers to collect signatures on paper and then enter them into a form on the "Yes Scotland" website and receive recruiter credit. In the standard NationBuilder configuration, signatories click through a recruiter link - Liberal Art's tool lets canvassers put in a series of names under their own recruiter ID. 

Steve Ofner at Liberal Art said they plan to release a mobile canvassing version of the form as well, for NationBuilder petition signature collection on cell phone and tablets. The Yes Scotland campaign says it is doing secondary verification of all signatures entered through the new tool. 

Liberal Art has also created a new Google Group, "ProgressiveNationBuilders," for NationBuilder developers to share tips and code for improving their campaigns.

We're very excited about the innovations coming out of our developer network, including the new flat-rate customer and Spanish-language themes and print NationBuilder theming guide from Richir Outreach, one of the very first design and strategy firms to implement NationBuilder for nonprofits and political organizations.

If you're a designer or consultancy who wants to join the certified NationBuilder Architect program, apply here.

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